Q: Which venues do you use?

A: We use Village Halls  and Community Centres in order to bring courses to locations near to you.

Q: What sort of courses do you offer?

A: Currently we offer general Drawing and Painting, Watercolour, Oil Painting and Dressmaking/Sewing courses, with Digital Photography and Creative Textiles to follow soon.

Q: How much are your course fees?

A: We aim to keep course fees down, but this is dependent upon the venue hire fees etc. For example an 8 week course at Eaton Park on a Friday morning costs £80 for 8 weeks with each session lasting two and a half hours. While we are not able to offer concessions, we are committed to making courses accessible by keeping costs low and classes full.

Q: How will I be taught?

A: You will be taught via a combination of whole and small group demonstrations and one-to-one assistance when necessary. Plus lots of time and space to practice and perfect a technique or your medium. Craft terms and theories are explained and explored.

Q: Can I teach for WA?

A: Yes. Assuming you have suitable skills, experience & qualifications. You would be engaged on a self employed basis whereby you would invoice WA.

Q: There is no course or subject offered near me?

A: Please feel free to contact WA and make a request or suggestion for a course in your area. You’re also welcome to suggest classes in other subjects. If there is sufficient demand, WA will be more than happy to accommodate you.