Some of the great work produced by our students

Gallery 1

Abstract Landscapes produced during the pandemic lock-down of 2021. Students explored different techniques in applying watercolour while at the same time using a very limited palette creatively.

Gallery 2

These are paintings produced by students after they requested tuition on how to paint waves in watercolour. All these images were produced via Zoom during the lock-down of 2021. All had never painted waves before and many were complete beginners.The gallery shows students work produced at various stages.

Gallery 3

Wanting a new challenge to begin 2021, the students were introduced to portraiture. Very few of the students had ever under taken a portrait and those that had, had not had much success. To start with, we looked at how to draw the individual features after which we brought them all together to form a face using a geometric template which can be used to create any adult's face regardless of gender. The first complete portrait was done in pencil. Next the students had a go at recreating the portrait in watercolour. The gallery shows a variety of the portraits at their various stages.

Gallery 4

Flower painting is a perennial favourite and as such we have explored a variety of blooms from different times of the year The gallery shows the work produced at various stages by students.The current gallery shows watercolours. In the past we have explored soft pastels to produce pastel paintings of flowers.